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7 Things Happy Couples Do Differently

All intimate relationships are made of a balanced winning recipe of trust, honesty and attraction. Happy couples do all this and even more, just like magic dust, to keep their love thriving and the flame burning for a very long time to come.

The one thing all couples should remember is that love is not about finding the right person, it is actually about working with this person to create the right relationship for both of you. The couples that are able to turn things around successfully are the ones who can create loving and lasting relationships. Here are some of the things they do:

1. Time for one another.

The worst form of abuse a relationship can go through is neglect or the lack of attention. Time spent together is the oxygen every couple needs and when you starve a relationship off this oxygen, you are basically giving it a slow death. We often underestimate the power of a kind word of appreciation, a thoughtful question asking after your partner’s day or a listening ear that is focused. This very simple act of caring can turn a relationship around from neglect to care. We don’t realize that when we pay attention to each other, we are actually breathing new life into each other too. This attention and affection is what a relationship needs to flourish and grow strong.

To summarize: Stay in touch with your partner’s life and communicate openly. Call your partner in the middle of the day just to tell him or her that you love them. The result is worth the extra effort you take.

2. Being straightforward.

No matter how sure you are about your partner’s love, it is always nice to be reminded of it with a few loving words and a loving gesture. When you truly love someone, it should reflect in your littlest of deeds. Don’t beat around the bush when you want to show your love, be straightforward. If you appreciate what your partner did for you today, tell them. If you adore your partner today, tell them. If you are hurt, tell them. Hearts often get confused and upset when left on their own thinking devices. Express your love everyday.

3. Meeting half way.

The most important and sometimes the most difficult trip you both will make together is meeting your partner half way. Rather than working alone or against your partner, work with them by meeting them half way. Healthy and successful relationships are all about teamwork and compromise.

4. Actions that back up claims of love.

Actions always speak louder than words. Act like you love your partner when you claim that you do. The way you treat your partner speaks your love louder than words ever can. You can say ‘I love you’ everyday, but if your actions don’t prove your words, your words are meaningless. Make a habit of showing your love.

5. Focus on what you like about your partner.

The power of your thoughts is the greatest power in the world. If you focus on what you don’t like about your relationship, you will make that stronger. Instead, focus on your partner’s wonderful qualities and that will become stronger. Focus on the great things you both have going and you will strengthen it. Focus on the negatives, and you will get a frown. Don’t be stubborn and not see the good in your partner. See everything your partner does right and see how it increases ten-folds.

6. More than attraction.

Being in a relationship only for the physical attraction is like liking a book just because the cover is pretty or liking a type of food based on its color. It makes little sense. A lasting relationship is based on more than attraction; it is based on common interests, common values and dreams, and common outlooks on life.

7. Resolve through love, not retaliation.

People in relationships will have disagreements and fights. It is very normal. What is not normal is when you are frustrated and upset and you take it out on your partner and the world around you. Retribution brings zero value, if not lower into your life. The best way to deal with the pain is not through vengeance, bullying, retaliation or anger, but with love.

Forgive easily as life is too short. Loving is easy when everything is going right; the true challenge of love is to love when the tide is rough and you still get through it.

Fall in love every day, love each other every day and be happy every day!

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