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30 Provocative Questions Everyone Should Ask Themselves

30th birthdayI’m approaching what some people call “an important milestone” – the big 30 🙂

Many start analyzing their life at this point, sorting through the life experiences, picking out what to keep and what to let go of. The thing is, all of them are necessary for us to grow, and even the ones that we want to forget have their value and place. It’s not about forgetting, it’s about making peace with it and letting go so it doesn’t affect your future.

So if you find yourself questioning where you are in life, what you want to change and how to do it, I suggest you ask yourself some questions first.

In order to get the right answers,  first you need to ask right questions. And only the right questions will send us down the path to right answers that might become that sacred key that will open the door to the future you seek.

But how do you know which questions are the right ones? Here are a few components to consider:

  • Right question should aim towards a goal
  • Right question should be simple and clear
  • Right question should open new possibilities
  • Right question should make you think
  • Right question should push you to act

As I ponder these 30 provocative questions, I invite to do the same and share your discoveries through this process. The questions are pretty simple but by answering them you might “accidentally” put together a roadmap to a much happier and more successful YOU 🙂

1. What can I do today to better my tomorrow?

2. What time of the day am I being the most productive?

3. What can I do today that brings me joy?

4. Which 5 things am I most grateful for today?

5. What can I do today that can improve someone else’s life?

6. Which part of my character do I like the best?

7. What do I REALLY wanna do in life?

8. Consider all the people in your life. Which ones do I want to stick with?

9. When was the last time I travelled abroad?

10. How much useless TV do I watch daily?

11. Take a look at all your belongings. Do I really need all of this?

12. When was the last time I read a great book?

13. When was the last time I said “no”?

14. Do I really care what others think of me?

15. What do I really want to accomplish this year?

16. What are my life values?

17. What’s on my bucket list that I want to check off this year?

18. What can I do that will bring more happiness to my life?

19. When was the last time I stepped outside my comfort zone?

20. What can I do today to get just one step closer to my goals?

21. What my perfect day would look like from the moment of waking up up until drifting to sleep?

22. What positive habits would I like to posses?

23. Which bad habits do I want to get rid off?

24. Who is my biggest inspiration?

25. What qualities do I admire the most in those people?

26. What would happen if I let go of _______________?

27. What do I like the most about my work?

28. How much time do you I spend with family?

29. What would I do differently if I had a chance to relive this moment again?

30. What am I gonna do after I’m done with these questions?

As you can see these questions were pretty simple but if you did take the time and answered all of them honestly, you probably have a nice map of your life in front of you. You might be surprised by some things that you see but that is why you need to go through this process as only then you will know what you truly want to keep and what to let go off 🙂.

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