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6 Things a True Friend Would Never Do

There are three types of friends in your life – acquaintances who enjoy your company for a while, friends who flatter you when the sun is shining and disappear when clouds threaten and true friends, people who have only your best interests in their hearts and would never ever……

1. Walk away when the clouds are looking over you

They always say that you should count the numbers of friends you have when you are going through tough times. Many will stand beside you when you are successful and going through good times; not all will survive the test of true friendship. Look out for the friends who sacrifice their time and resources so you can have it when you need it most. The people who are still standing beside you after you have come out of a difficult period in your life are your true friends. Value them for the rest of your life in the same way.

2. Criticize you for your flaws

We all have flaws, imperfections and things lacking in ourselves. A true friend is one who will see all this and still be your true friend. With a true friend, you can lay exposed with all your flaws and still be loved because they are not going to judge you. A true friend will help you overcome your problems and flaws.

3. Hold a grudge

You would have made mistakes in the past, and you would have learned from them and moved on to grow in your life. Some people will always be there to drag you back with your past. Some people will hold a grudge to your head and fill you with negativity. A true friend won’t. A true friend will always help you repair your past, present and future. If you have someone in your life who always judges you by your past and holds it against you, you need to repair your present and future by leaving them behind.

4. Discourage you

Unfortunately, in life, you will also come across ‘friends’ who will discourage you just to hold you back from your full potential. It may be difficult to see that, but when you do, don’t let these imposers bring you down. Be careful of friends who belittle your dreams. Your true friends will encourage you to reach for the stars, and help you catch them too.

5. Take from you without giving back

Your true friend will make you smile, will never take you for granted and will never leave you hanging. We all have friends who take so much from us and keep expecting more without giving back. Put some distance between you and see if they notice. If they notice, they care. If not, you know where your friendship stands. Giving is of course, part of friendship. The difference here is being taken advantage of. When this happens, you know you can slowly tick that friend off from your true friend list. They can still be your friend because they may definitely have some great qualities.

6. Make you feel like you’re burdening them.

When true friends do things for one another, they should be doing it all because they love one another, because they want to be there for each other and because they care. If promises and obligations made to one another seem stressful, there is something wrong. If you have to chase people or be chased, it can’t be a very good friendship. True friends will make room for you in their lives simply because they want you in their life. If you feel like you always have to fight for a spot in their life, have another look at the friendship.

We do need all kinds of friends in our lives if only for us to realize the worth of our true buddies. Once you have found these true friends who will stick by you through everything, don’t forget to love and value them just as much as you would like to be loved and valued. You can then look forward to a life with some amazing friends..

About Oksana

Oksana Ostrovsky is a founder of LoveSense and an author of "Find Love By Finding Yourself" book. Over the past five years, Oksana has had the privilege of helping hundreds of singles and couples open themselves up to experience of more love, joy and fulfillment in their lives. She is a life-long student of human psychology, relationship dynamics, feng shui and other modalities of health and healing.

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One comment

  1. you’re so right Oksana, this says it all! This applies even more so to a lover / spouse! I’ve always liked what you’ve had to say and I’ve follow you on F.B. for a while now. I wasn’t aware of your achievements and qualifications or your background and where you come from… you are a living testament which is the only way people are going to adhere to your guidance and really hear and apply this to their lives.

    I can say I thought this stuff was all wimpy lame ass girly stuff in the beginning but my best thinking and ignorance has gotten me no where with love or any other relationships for the most part. So I knew it was time to try and apply this mumbo jumbo in my life and I’m taking this time at 5:00 am to tell you and the world that its not mumbo jumbo or BS! Its real and effective and the reward is priceless literally! It can’t be bought only sought then put into action repetitively until its just who you are!

    It takes some time. This is a journey with no destination besides the state of serenity and peace of mind, Its not to say your life won’t have its share of trials and tribulations or ups and downs. But I can promise you that when life does become challenging or difficult you will handle it much better and you’ll have the same support that you give if you have the right people in your life.That’s the most challenging part of all. Finding people who are on the same page as you are that you click with on the same level. The law of attraction is just that, a law, like the law of gravity! It will happen if you put yourself out there in the places where people like you can find you..

    I found the only way your gonna change anyone or your surroundings is by changing your inner core, your inner child, the way you look at things, how you treat people and how you feel about yourself on an intimate level. If you’re not okay with yourself then no one else is going to be either! Its really that simple. We project what we are and who we feel in our lives and often times its self sabotage that ultimately cripples us and negatively dictates the outcome of our lives. I known I’m guilty as sin! If you want it you have to feel that you’re worth it and if you want it bad enough you gotta work it with an open your mind to it. I believe almost everyone on earth is worth it.

    Are you?
    If you want it?
    You gotta believe it & want it bad enough!

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