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headshotOksana Ostrovsky was born in the small town Zabolotiv, Ukraine.

As a child, she witnessed the destructive demise of her parents relationship and the difficult time her mother experienced as a single mother of two young children in its aftermath.

Seeing this, Oksana came to a realization very early on in life that human beings can only receive love to the extent that they can love themselves. This insight sparked a lifelong passion to help others deepen their capacity for love, connection and intimacy.

At the age of 20, Oksana made the bold move to leave her home country and everyone she knew to take off into the great unknown to follow her dream of seeing the world. She eventually landed in the United States and became a student of human psychology, avidly studying personality typology, relationship dynamics, Feng Shui and other modalities of health and healing.

A natural born cupid, Oksana found that she had a knack for helping others connect more deeply with themselves and others. She eventually found her true calling as a love and relationships coach. Over the past five years, Oksana has had the privilege of helping hundreds of singles and couples open themselves up to experience of more love, joy and fulfillment in their lives.

Oksana is currently traveling the world with the love of her life, her husband Larry.