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Self-Talk And Its Effects On Our Life

We are all too familiar with those little voices that exist in our heads; constantly telling us what and how we feel, how and what we should do, often betraying what we show on the outside. These voices are nothing but conversations with yourself and it is these internal conversations that characterize how we view things. They also influence a lot on our lives – from achievements to relationships, from your attitude towards life to attitude towards happiness and disappointments. Self-talk comes in package – the devil and the angel. It is up to you who you will give dominance to with internal dialogues. Are you going to allow your self-talk to focus on all your mistakes, faults, fears and insecurities? With heavy burdens of negativity, will you ever feel good about yourself? These negative feelings will not only make you feel like the biggest loser, it will slowly rob you of your health, not forgetting your sanity. If you believe that you are what you think, then you need to focus all your energies into conversing with yourself positively. Self-talk is an amazing tool is used correctly. Concentrate on your internal conversations and always direct them to talk about your strengths, successes, blessings and other positive aspects of your life. You will not only add a booster of confidence to yourself, you will also start feeling good about yourself. You will soon notice that your ability to overcome difficulties would have improved and you will attract better luck. If you have lived with negative or out of control self-talk all your life, you can slowly but surely change this and make your thoughts more positive. Begin by listening to your self-talk. Ask yourself if your thoughts are positive or negative. Ask yourself if these thoughts help your confidence or bring you down. Consciously keep your thoughts positive and when they go downhill, stop and analyze why negativity is seeping in. The next and final step is to say ‘STOP’ as soon as negative conversations are starting to brew in your mind. Say this loudly (unless of course, you are at a party where you might look a bit odd) so you consciously know how often you are pushing negative thoughts away. Soon, you will notice that positive thoughts are entering your mind more often than their negative competitor. Remember that mistakes are life’s lessons. We all experience failures and make mistakes. Remind yourself that these experiences are our teachers but we cannot allow them to jeopardize our future. Use your intelligence to learn from them and your self-control to keep thoughts of them at bay. Fill yourself with positive self-talk and see the difference it makes in your life..

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